Acute Pain and Health Problems: Who is Strictly Forbidden to Eat Pears

Pears should never be washed down with any liquid, as this can cause stomach irritation.

Pear is a healthy fruit that contains many vitamins and nutrients. But pears should not be eaten on an empty stomach and have a number of categorical contraindications.

When not to eat pears

Pears should not be eaten on an empty stomach and should not be included in the diet for breakfast. The fact is that pears contain tannins that can severely harm the stomach. If it is empty, these tannins are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and can increase the risk of blood clots.

In addition, the coarse fiber of pears can be very irritating to the stomach lining. Pears can also cause stomach obstruction, and this fruit is considered a difficult food for digestion.

Who should absolutely not eat pears:

  • People with diagnosed liver disease
  • People with problems with the gastrointestinal tract
  • People with gastritis and stomach ulcers

In addition, doctors warn that pears should not be consumed immediately after a main meal. You need to wait at least 30-40 minutes.

You can’t eat pears at night either, as they can do the same harm if you were to eat them on an empty stomach. The best thing is to eat pears an hour after lunch.

Caution should be exercised when eating pears in extreme heat, as the body can lose potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Pears have a diuretic effect and excess fluid will be excreted from the body along with important minerals.

Pears should never be washed down with any liquid, as this can cause stomach irritation. And in combination with meat and vegetables, pears can cause constipation.

Pears should also not be combined with potatoes, rice, eggs, pasta, and chocolate. Do not add pears to dishes that contain berries and bananas. After eating meat, try to take a break before eating pears for at least an hour.

Who should refrain from pears?

  • Young children
  • Elderly people
  • Pregnant women

Diabetics should be especially careful about eating pears, as these fruits contain a lot of fructose, which can lead to an increase in blood sugar.

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Written by Emma Miller

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and own a private nutrition practice, where I provide one-on-one nutritional counseling to patients. I specialize in chronic disease prevention/ management, vegan/ vegetarian nutrition, pre-natal/ postpartum nutrition, wellness coaching, medical nutrition therapy, and weight management.

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