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Vegan Oreos – you have to pay attention to these ingredients

If you make the Oreos yourself, you are of course in control of the ingredients you use. If you are standing in front of the biscuits in the supermarket, you will not be spared a critical look at the list of ingredients for the Oros.

  • Although Oreos are baked without eggs, it is not necessarily the case that the biscuits are vegan.
  • When buying biscuits, you should therefore always check in advance whether only vegan ingredients have been used in the Oreos. Sometimes you will discover milk or sweet whey powder on the list of ingredients of the food. This can especially be the case with no-name biscuits. Sometimes butter is also used as a flavor enhancer.
  • But there is also good news: Many of the Oreos that you can buy in the supermarket or discounter is actually made according to the original American vegan recipe.
  • You can usually recognize the vegan Oreos by the fact that the packaging says “original”. Nevertheless, this is of course no guarantee and if you are buying the biscuits for the first time, you should definitely take a look at the list of ingredients in advance.
  • Occasionally you will see the note on the packaging of the biscuits: “May contain traces of milk”. However, this does not mean that the Oreos are not vegan. The large food companies produce a lot of food and with the notice, they only want to protect themselves legally. In this case, it is very unlikely that the Oreos really came into contact with milk during production.
  • One of the most famous Oreos is those from Mondelez. In the classic version – Mondelez always brings out special creations – the Oreos are vegan. Still, there is no reason to celebrate. The food group, formerly Kraft Foods Group, also owns The Kraft Heinz Company. Kraft, in turn, is suspected of carrying out animal experiments, including in a large laboratory in East Hanover, New Jersey. This is not only incompatible with the vegan philosophy of life, it leads it downright ad absurdum. Therefore, these Oreos, even if they are vegan, are categorically rejected by most vegans and vegan organizations.
  • Tip: If you bake your Oreos yourself, coconut oil is a good alternative to butter.

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