Symbols on The Oreo Cookies: This is What The Symbols Mean

Symbols on Oreo cookies date back to the Knights Templar

The symbols on the Oreo cookies go back to the Templar order:

  • The Templar Cross: Arranged around the Oreo lettering are crosses that resemble a four-leaf clover. This was the coat of arms of the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar wore it on their cloaks during the Crusades. Today the cross is also known as a cross of paws and can be found, among other things, in the coat of arms of the German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked Persons.
  • The Cross of Lorraine: Just above the inscription is another cross with two crossbars. The Knights Templar also wore this symbol on their cloaks to distinguish them from fighters of other religions.

That’s why the symbols are on the Oreo cookies

The symbols weren’t on the cookies from the start – it wasn’t until 1952 that William Turner changed the design.

  • According to his son, Turner was concerned with the symbols only for aesthetics, not for meaning.
  • However, William Turner’s father was a Freemason who, according to legend, was associated with the Knights Templar.

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