How to Get the Bones Out of Fish Fast: Simple Tips

With filleting certain types of fish you should be especially careful so that the small bones do not spoil the impression of the dish. Fish is the basis of many exquisite dishes, but we often avoid it, because it’s a real hassle to deal with small bones. However, there are many ways to easily get rid of them.

Experienced housewives have lots of ideas on how to remove bones from fish. Most often this is done with tweezers. Of course, this is a good way for redfish, particularly salmon or salmon. Such a trick is not suitable in the case of fish, which are characterized by small bones.

How to remove bones from fish without tweezers?

Removing bones from carp, crucian carp, pike and other similar types of fish is an asterisk task. Such fish require more meticulous filleting because of the presence of small bones. Time to learn how to remove small bones from fish. Use this method:

  • Rinse the fish and place it belly up on a clean board;
  • with a sharp knife, make an incision along one side of the spine from one end of the fish to the other;
  • carefully work the knife down the ribs, separating the meat from the bones;
  • repeat these steps on the other side of the spine;
  • cut off the backbone from both ends of the fish, remove the viscera;
  • rinse the fish thoroughly inside and out under running water.

Boiling water will help: how to remove bones from fish for cutlets

All housewives know how to remove the skin from fish with boiling water, but in a similar way, you can remove the bones. Especially this method will appeal to connoisseurs of fish cutlets or meatballs.

Preparing the fish for mincemeat is easier than you think. To do this, clean it off the insides, gills, and fins, and then put it in boiling water for 1.5-2 minutes. The skin and bones will be easily removed. Now the fish is ready to be minced.

By the way, getting rid of the skin will help quite the opposite method. Do you know how to remove the skin from frozen fish? Easy – put the fish for 30 minutes in the freezer, and then effortlessly remove the skin.

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