How to Save Money on Washing in a Washing Machine

The issue of saving electricity and water in Ukraine is now acute. Let’s figure out how to save energy when washing and how to reduce water consumption in the washing machine.

What is the most economical washing mode?

Modern automatic washing machines have an “Eco” mode. Perhaps this is the most economical mode of washing. What does economy mode mean in the washing machine? During this mode, the washing machine starts a short washing cycle lasting about 50-60 minutes at a temperature of about 20 °, which significantly reduces the cost of electricity and water compared to the classic modes.

If you do not have this mode, you can save energy when washing by using the mode without heating water. It is usually called “No Heat” or “Washing in Cold Water”. Or you can select this function by manually selecting the wash temperature. The laundry will be washed in cold water with absolutely no heating. Do not be afraid that the quality of washing will deteriorate greatly. Use a special powder for washing in cold water, and stains can be pre-treated with a stain remover.

The mode “Synthetics” in the washing machine allows you to wash together things of different fabrics. Washing takes place at a low temperature, about 30 ° – 40 °. Thanks to this mode, you can save on washing cycles.

To wash lightly soiled items, you can use the “Quick Wash” mode. Usually washing in this mode lasts 15-30 minutes. During this time, the laundry is perfectly clean of dust and sweat.

How to reduce water consumption in the washing machine

To reduce water consumption in the washing machine, abandon the additional rinse. Usually, the washing modes are designed so that there is no need for an additional rinse. Such a need appears if you are allergic or if you have added more detergent than the intended amount. Just use the detergent according to the instructions, not “by eye” and the need for an additional rinse will disappear.

A half-load mode will also help. This feature allows you to use less water and runs a more economical mode of washing in situations where there is little laundry, but you need to wash it now.

What’s the best wash mode for your clothes?

If you’re aiming to save on laundry, then choose these modes:

  • “No water heating”.
  • “Eco”.
  • “Fast wash’.
  • “Standard Wash”.
  • “Half load”.

What are the most wasteful modes in the machine?

All modes for a long wash “burn” water and electricity. These modes are usually for washing linen, cotton, pre-wash, and mode for allergic people, even a rinse in very hot water.

What time is the most economical to wash?

If you have a dual-rate electricity meter, it is advantageous to use the “Delayed Washing” feature to do your laundry at night at the lowest rate.

The two-zone tariff divides laundry into two zones – daytime (from 07:00 to 23:00) and nighttime (from 23:00 to 07:00). During the day the meter counts electricity at the normal tariff, while at night the cost of energy consumed is counted with a factor of 0.5, i.e. it is half the price.

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