How to Teach a Cat to Climb on the Table: 6 Proven Humane Ways

Cats love to jump on tables and explore them. There are several reasons for this behavior: they feel safe on high surfaces, they beg for food or affection from humans at the table, or they simply explore the world.

But if this habit of the animal disturbs the owners, you can try to discourage its interest in the table. It is important to remember, however, that it is much easier to retrain a kitten than an adult cat. When training a cat you should be patient – it may take from a couple of days to several weeks to get rid of the habit, depending on the stubbornness of the cat.

What you shouldn’t do with a cat on the table

First, let’s understand how you can’t wean a pet. Shouting and physical abuse don’t work with a cat. It is not able to understand the connection between misbehavior and punishment but will begin to fear the owner.

Beating the pet, yelling at it, roughly shoving it off the table, and clapping your hands are categorically forbidden. This can cause serious mental disorders in a cat, especially if the pet is naturally fearful. After such “training,” the cat will cease to trust you.

It is important to develop in the cat an unwillingness to get on the table, and not a dislike of the owner.

Spread foil on the table

Cats hate the sound and texture of foil. Spread the foil on the table and wait for the pet to jump on it. Most animals will jump to the floor in disgust. Leave the foil on the table for a few days to allow the habit to take hold.

Use smells that are unpleasant for the cat

Most cats can’t stand the smell of citrus. You can place orange or lemon peels around the table, or smear citrus essential oil on the surface. After that, the table will associate the cat with an unpleasant smell.

Place a tray of water on the table

Place a wide tray filled with water on the edge of the table. If the cat steps in the water after jumping, it is guaranteed to jump. If the animal bypasses the tray, place its paws in the water.

Tape the table with double-sided tape

Cats really don’t like to touch sticky things. Try taping the surface of the table with double-sided tape. As soon as the cat feels the sticky material with his paw pads, he will jump right off.

Place heavy objects on the table

Stuff the whole table with heavy and big objects so the cat will not be able to jump on them. Of course, this method will not work if you need to use the table.

Put a cot on the table

You have tried all the described methods several times and none of them helped you. The cat stubbornly continues to walk around the table. In that case, you can at least place the cat’s favorite cut on the edge of the table. It will continue to hop on the table, but most likely it will stop walking around the table and disturbing people, and will only rest on the couch.

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