It’ll Shine Like New: Easy Hob Cleaning Tips in 15 Minutes

A dirty stove can ruin the look of any kitchen, but avoiding it is almost impossible. Washing the oven is an even more difficult task, as “fighting” with the remains of food in an uncomfortable position is very tiring. There is an easy way to clean it in 15 minutes.

How to clean the stove – a useful tip hack

Few people know, but you can replace caustic chemicals with dishwasher tablets. It is convenient, fast, and effective. The substances contained in these tablets perfectly cope with grease, plaque, and dirt.

So, we take two standard tablets for the dishwasher and fill them with a small amount of water (200-250 milliliters) in a bucket. They should dissolve completely in the liquid. If necessary, you can stir them.

Then dip a sponge into the product and apply it to the stove, inside the oven, and on the glass door. Take ordinary paper towels, moisten them with our product, and leave them in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

Then wipe the stove thoroughly with dry and wet rags to remove any residual detergent. This product will help to clean the stove from grease very well.

Remember to wear rubber gloves while cleaning so the chemicals don’t get on your skin. This can cause an allergic reaction, dryness, or irritation.

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Written by Emma Miller

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