Tissue Wipe for the Washing Machine: A Tip You Didn’t Know

Quality laundry is an indispensable process of cleaning the house. It often happens that wool, hair, or lint are left on things after washing. You can remove them with cloth napkins.

Trap for garbage in the washing machine – the secrets of washing

In order to collect wool, hair, or lint from clothes (especially dark clothes), you need to take a few pieces of ordinary wet wipes and put a few pieces in the drum of the washing machine along with the things. During the washing process, the wipe will move chaotically around the drum, picking up all the debris. When you take things out, you will see that hair, wool, lint, and other unnecessary elements of everyday life are left on the cloth.

What wipes to put in the washing machine – nuances

Such a simple and straightforward method has its own peculiarities – it is important to choose the right napkins to get the desired result:

  • buy thick wipes, otherwise, they will tear in the drum;
  • do not use wipes with strong aromas;
  • it is better to use antibacterial wipes.

Obviously, but the fact is that you should not put a wet wipe in the drum of the washing machine again. It is a disposable device that will not pick up trash twice. You can also use multiple wipes – but no more than three.

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Written by Emma Miller

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