What is Strictly Forbidden to Wash in the Machine: 6 Non-Obvious Things

All housewives know that washing things in machines that are designed only for hand washing is by no means allowed. However, there are also items that people throw into the machine, not knowing that it is strictly forbidden.

What is categorically forbidden to wash in the machine – a list

Despite the fact that now people put even their shoes in the washing machine, some items are still better to wash by hand.

Foam pillows

Special pillows that “remember” the position of your head and neck have a unique filler. If such a pillow is washed in a machine, the filler will bunch up and lose its function. That is why it is better to clean stains on such pillows by hand or by soaking them in a basin with a special detergent.

Toys and things with animal hair

If you have pets, then you know that their hair sometimes ends up in the most unexpected places in the apartment. Washing it from clothes is a big problem, it is better to use a special brush. Washing such things in the machine will lead to the spread of wool over the entire surface of the clothes and get them stuck in the fabric structure. In addition, it will remain in the drum of the machine and can even clog the filter.


Underpants are quite possible to wash in the machine, but bras – no. Especially with bones and push-ups. Ignoring this rule will lead to the deformation of the product and the loss of its shape. If you need to wash a bra – do it with your hands, then gently squeeze and hang it out to dry.

Lace or embroidered things

It is known that lace and embroidery are delicate decorative elements that suffer from the aggressive effects of the mechanisms of the washing machine. If you wash clothes with lace or embroidery in the machine, you are likely to get a mutilated closet item as a result. That’s why it is better to clean such products by hand, and with a gentle detergent.

Clothes made of corduroy, cashmere, or wool

These materials are considered very vulnerable – they can stretch, fade or ‘grow’ into lint. Moreover, the drum of the washing machine – is far from a delicate washing, so on things made of the above materials may even appear as hitches. If you need to wash such things, it is better to do it by hand or give it to a dry cleaner.

An important point: in spite of any advice, before washing things, you should carefully study the label – there is always a sign warning that clothes should not be washed in the machine. It shows a crossed-out washing machine.

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