What to Feed Cucumbers in Summer: Fertilizers for a Great Harvest

A home garden plot comes in handy in times of war, when every penny counts. In such conditions, you can grow a rich harvest and feed yourself in winter.

When to Fertilize Cucumbers

The first fertilizer is made when the plant appeared on the 2-3 leaves. At this time begins the most violent phase of growth and fertilizer is especially useful. Further, fertilize cucumbers every 10-15 days and observe the state of the plant. If the cucumber leaves have yellowed, then additional fertilizer is needed.

It is important not to fertilize cucumbers too often and not to exceed the recommended dose of fertilizer. Excess fertilizer is as harmful as its lack.

Mineral Fertilizers

In agro-stores you can buy ready-made mineral fertilizers for cucumbers. Manufacturers specify how to prepare the solution, as well as when and how much to spray the plant for a good harvest. For cucumbers, it is recommended to take fertilizers that combine potassium sulfate, superphosphate, and urea. These are the most useful substances for vegetables.

Nitrogen fertilizer

Cucumbers are in great need of nitrogen, especially during the period before flowering. It is because of the lack of nitrogen that the plant’s leaves turn yellow. Ready-made nitrogen fertilizer can be bought in the store or at the market. Note that the fertilizer should not contain ammonium nitrate, otherwise the fruits will be toxic.

It is important to fertilize cucumbers with nitrogen even before flowering. If this is not done, the plant may have male flowers that do not produce fruit.

Feeding cucumbers with ashes

Ash is very useful for the growth of cucumbers. It contains almost all the substances that the plant needs. Fertilizing is carried out with an ash solution at a ratio of 1 cup of ash to 1 liter of water. Such a solution is slightly watered each bush at the roots. Cucumbers are fertilized with ashes once a week.

Fertilizing with yeast

Yeast fertilizer stimulates the growth of fruits, but it should not be applied too often. It is enough to fertilize cucumbers with yeast 3 times during the summer. To prepare the solution, you need to dilute 150 g of sugar and 500 grams of fresh yeast in three liters of warm water.

How to feed cucumbers with honey

Some gardeners carry out honey feeding of cucumbers. To do this, 500 g of honey is dissolved in 2 liters of water. The honey solution is sprayed on the plant in the morning twice during the summer.

Feeding a solution of iodine

Iodine rejuvenates cucumbers and makes them more resistant to disease. Dissolve 35 drops of iodine in a liter of milk. Leave the mixture for 6 hours. With such a solution plants are watered at the roots once every 2 weeks.

Infusion of onion husks

Onion hulls nourish the plant, making the fruits large and juicy. You need 6 liters of warm water and 25 grams of onion hulls to make the tincture. Mix the ingredients and leave them in a warm place for 5 days. Then strain the solution. Water cucumber bushes with the onion solution at the roots once every 2 weeks.

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