Brussels Waffles – a Delicious Homemade Recipe

You can also make Brussels waffles yourself. You can find the ingredients for this in every supermarket or already have them in the kitchen. If you’re already adept at making waffles, you’ll be able to make the Brussels waffles recipe in no time.

This is how you make Brussels waffles

A Brussels waffle is thick and very sweet. The granulated sugar caramelizes during baking, which gives it its special appeal. For Brussels waffles, you need the following ingredients: 500g wheat flour, 150g butter, 1 packet of baking powder, 125g sugar, 4 eggs, 250ml milk, 1 tbsp vanilla sugar, and 1 pinch of salt.

  • Preparation: Sift the flour into a bowl together with the baking powder. Then melt the butter.
  • Meanwhile, beat the eggs until fluffy. Add the sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, milk, and melted butter. Stir everything until a homogeneous mass is obtained.
  • Heat the waffle iron. Grease it with a little butter.
  • Spoon the batter onto the waffle iron, which is suitable for the typical Brussels waffles. Follow your device’s instructions for use. Bake the waffles until light brown. This takes about three to four minutes.
  • Then let the waffles cool on a wire rack. Serve the waffles with a homemade compote, for example.
  • Tips: For a very special taste you should add vanilla extract to the dough. If you don’t like buttered waffles, a no-butter waffle recipe may work for you.

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