Buy Spring Water: You Should Pay Attention to This

Spring water comes from underground sources and rises to the surface either naturally or through various techniques. We explain everything you need to know about spring water and what to look for when buying it.

What is spring water and what should you pay attention to when buying it?

In order to be recognized as spring water, the water must come from a natural source and reach the surface by itself or through technical support such as probes or wells and be constant in its properties within the framework of natural variations. When buying spring water, you should pay attention to a few things.

  • The spring water passes several layers of sediment on its way from a depth of several hundred meters. In this way, minerals are released from the rock. The more layers the water passes through, the more filtered it should be.
  • Naturally, the composition of the spring water depends on the source, but it is generally rich in nutrients and contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, and iron. This strengthens bones and the immune system.
  • Spring water can be bought bottled at a relatively high price. However, you should note that there are not only healthy minerals in the water.
  • Harmful substances and drug residues can also penetrate into the deep springs. Germs and bacteria also occur in spring water. Such contamination can occur as a result of the water transport through pumps and pipes, which must also take place for spring water.
  • Spring water is therefore not characterized by any particular qualitative difference from other forms of water or tap water. At best, water from artesian sources is recommended, where it reaches the surface of the earth by itself instead of being transported. The brands Plose and Lauretana, which are carefully bottled and come from artesian sources, are suitable for the trade.

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