Chives – Kitchen Spice And Medicinal Herb

Chives are a popular condiment for cold and warm dishes. It is a leek plant with long, thin, tubular culms. They grow to about 20 cm long and give a unique flavor.


Chives are native to the temperate regions of North America and Europe and originated in Central Asia. Chives have been mentioned in cookbooks in Europe since the 17th century. In ancient times, wild chives were used as a kitchen spice and medicinal herb. Chives are often an alternative to spring onions.


Outdoors, the season for particularly aromatic chives begins in April and lasts until November. Chives bear edible blue flowers in June and July. Fresh chives are produced in Germany all year round, with demand being covered by imported goods from various countries of origin, such as Italy. As potted herbs, chives are available all year round from local production.


The taste of chives is reminiscent of spring onions but is finer.


It is best not to boil or steam chives, but only eat them raw, otherwise, the intense flavor is lost. Chopped chives are easy to sprinkle over soups, sauces, fish and egg dishes, and salads. It is also indispensable for our Frankfurt green sauce recipe, where it provides a special flavor. As a chive sauce, it goes well with pan-fried, steamed fish, potatoes, or hard-boiled eggs. To chop, simply chop with scissors or a sharp knife.


Wrapped in paper towels, fresh chives will keep in the fridge for a day or two. You can also buy chives in small pots. With regular watering, it will last for a few weeks on the windowsill.

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