Planting Chives on the Balcony: Here’s How

If you don’t have your own garden, you can plant chives on the balcony. In order for the healthy kitchen herb to thrive, you do not need a pronounced green thumb.

Planting chives on the balcony – an easy-care herb

The herb grows easily in the pot and you can therefore grow it well on the balcony.

  • Find a partially shaded spot on your balcony for your chives. The plant does not like too much sun.
  • Buy pre-cultivated chives or use seeds. The pot used should be larger than the one that the herb is typically sold in stores.
  • If you use seeds, press the soil in several places about 2 cm deep with your finger, put the seed in, and cover it with soil.
  • Special soil does not need chives, the normal universal soil is loose and nutritious enough.
  • Keep the soil in the herb pot evenly moist. Chives tolerate neither too dry soil nor waterlogging.
  • You do not have to fertilize the herb.
  • Trim the stalks regularly. This measure also prevents the chives from flowering.
  • You can harvest chives all year round if you bring them indoors over the winter.
  • If the herb is to overwinter on the balcony, cut it completely down to one or two centimeters. To protect against the cold, cover the pot with a few fir branches and wrap it in bubble wrap.
  • If you dry the chives, you will have a supply for a long time.

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