Constipation: How and Why Coffee Can Help

Coffee gets your gut moving

Coffee stimulates digestion – more specifically, the caffeine contained in coffee.

  • If caffeine is supplied to the organism, the body releases the hormone cholecystokinin. This hormone in turn stimulates the formation of bile secretion – and bile juice promotes the digestion of fat.
  • In addition, coffee contains a lot of fiber – hard to believe, but true. Researchers have found this out, and this is especially true for instant coffee.
  • Since the hormone cholecystokinin also makes you feel full, you can even lose weight with coffee.
  • Drinking coffee improves digestion and helps with constipation. However, you should not overdo it: Coffee consumed in large quantities leads to diarrhea due to its laxative effect.


Coffee removes water – just a misconception

It used to be thought that coffee draws water out of the body.

  • We now know more: This is not the case if the body is used to small amounts of caffeine.
  • So if you drink coffee regularly, you can add it to your daily intake.
  • In southern countries you usually get a glass of water with your coffee. The nice touch isn’t meant to fill up with liquid. Rather, the water should emphasize the taste of particularly fine coffees. If you want to do it right, take a quick sip of water after every second sip of espresso.

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