Energizing Water: What’s Behind it and How it Works

More and more people follow the trend to energize water. In this article, you will find out what this is all about and how the energizing of the water should work.

Energize water – that’s behind it

Energy is actually a term from physics. However, the energizing of the water has nothing to do with this physical term – the concept comes from esotericism.

  • Rather, it is about “revitalizing” drinking water. Followers of this theory assume that water can absorb and store information.
  • The starting point for the idea of ​​energizing water is the so-called hydrogen bridges. This means the weak electrical forces of attraction between the individual molecules of water.
  • In theory, these water molecules arrange themselves in certain structures by energizing them. From a scientific point of view, i.e. from the point of view of physics, this is not possible and therefore not proven.
  • In its liquid state, water does not have a stable structure.
  • Energized water should not only be more alive. It is also said to have the ability to kill bacteria. This disinfecting effect could not be scientifically proven either and should therefore be viewed with skepticism.

Energize water in many ways

The theory of energizing water is mainly found in esotericism. Various ways of energizing water are described here.

  • Very often gemstones are used to energize water. Rose quartz, rock crystal, and amethyst are popular here. Water swirls are also popular – and expensive – tools for energizing water. Here the water molecules are to be rearranged by a simple attachment on the bottleneck. This is not scientifically proven either.
  • It is said that you can also energize water with your thoughts. Positive thoughts are said to emit certain vibrations.
  • The water should be charged with energy if you fill it with positive thoughts. Just acknowledging how grateful you are to be able to drink the water should improve its quality.
  • As mentioned earlier, since this theory is not scientifically proven, you should take extra care when attempting to use it to treat any disease or related physical condition. If in doubt, always consult a doctor.

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