Iced Coffee: Calorie and Low Calorie Alternative

Iced coffee is refreshing, especially in summer, but has a lot of calories. In this guide, we will show you exactly how many there are and which low-calorie alternatives there are.

Iced coffee: Refreshment with lots of calories

Enjoy a delicious iced coffee while eating a lot of calories.

  • A real iced coffee consists of cold coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a topping of whipped cream.
  • The drink is refreshing and also makes you feel good because of the coffee. However, you have to reckon with around 315 calories per glass that you consume.
  • If you do without the vanilla ice cream, you still get a little more than 180 calories.

Recipe for “better” iced coffee: Low in calories and still delicious

If you want to pay attention to your figure, you don’t necessarily have to do without an iced coffee. You can also prepare the drink with fewer calories.

  • The American version is much lower in calories, but not quite as tasty. With this version, you simply add a few ice cubes to the black coffee instead of vanilla ice cream.
  • Replace the vanilla ice cream with ice cubes. You don’t have to do without sweets, though. If you use the sweetener stevia, this does not involve any calories at all.
  • Whipped cream is a calorie bomb – but the icing makes the iced coffee nice and creamy. Milk frothed with a small milk frother is a good substitute for cream. Use low-fat milk to save additional calories.
  • There are some alternatives to milk in coffee, for example, if you cannot tolerate milk. Not everyone can be used equally well as a cream substitute. But you can froth almond milk. This tastes almost as good as the original but leaves significantly fewer love handles on your hips. Then you can also enjoy two or three iced coffees without having to worry about your figure.
  • Tip: Don’t overdo it with calorie counting. If you fancy a real iced coffee, treat yourself to it without a guilty conscience.
  • In everyday life and with household chores you use up a lot of calories anyway. As an example, we show you how high the calorie consumption is when ironing.

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