Make Watermelon Ice Cream Yourself: The Best Recipes

Watermelon Ice Cream: The Basic Recipe

For the very simple version, all you need is a watermelon.

  • To do this, cut open the melon and divide the flesh into small pieces. Remove the seeds as much as possible.
  • Place these melon pieces in freezer containers in the freezer for a few hours. Then you always have an icy refreshment at hand.
  • Tip: Separate the melon pieces with parchment paper so they don’t freeze together.

Make fruity ice cream

If you don’t care about the calories, you can make a delicious cream ice cream from watermelon.

  • You will need 400 grams of pitted watermelon, 200 ml of cream, and 50 ml of milk. In addition, 80 grams of powdered sugar and the juice of half a lime are added.
  • Puree the pulp in a blender. Gradually add cream, milk, and powdered sugar. Flavor with lime juice.
  • When everything has been processed into a creamy mass, place the mixture in a large container in the freezer. As the ice cream freezes there over the next few hours, you’ll need to stir once every half hour or so to keep it creamy.

Watermelon and other fruit ice cream

Watermelon goes very well with other fruits.

  • For this fruit ice cream, you need a handful of berries in addition to the pulp of half a watermelon. Whether you use cherries, strawberries or blackberries depends on your personal preferences. You will also need 150 grams of plain yogurt and some lime juice.
  • First puree the pitted flesh of the melon and the berries in a blender and add a little lime juice.
  • Now pour the fruit puree and the yogurt into the freezer container at the same time and mix well. If you have small pieces of melon left over, you can stir them in.
  • Now put the container in the freezer for a few hours. With this recipe, too, you should stir the ice cream mass briefly every half hour so that no water crystals form in the ice cream.
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