Mix Smoothie Yourself – The Best Tips and Tricks

Smoothie tip 1: Fresh instead of frozen

  • Fresh always tastes better than frozen. This applies to all foods, including the ingredients in a smoothie. The fresher the fruit or vegetable, the higher its nutritional value.
  • You can also find numerous ready-made smoothies on refrigerated shelves. They are not comparable to smoothies that you mix yourself: on the one hand, they are usually pasteurized to keep them longer, which means that vitamins are lost. On the other hand, these drinks usually have more calories than homemade smoothies and don’t fill you up for as long.

Smoothie tip 2: Tea as a liquid maker

  • A smoothie needs liquid, otherwise, it quickly turns into a hard-to-drink mush. How much liquid you need depends on your taste.
  • You can also use tea instead of water. Fruit teas bring additional sweetness without the high sugar content of fruit juices, for example.
  • Use green tea, and spice up the smoothie with numerous antioxidants. In addition, thanks to the caffeine content, your smoothie is the ideal pick-me-up in the morning.

Smoothie tip 3: Stay away from ready-made fruit juices

  • In smoothies from the refrigerated section, you will often find fruit juices on the list of ingredients.
  • However, fruit juices have no place in a healthy smoothie because of their high sugar content.
  • At home, you should avoid fruit juices as a smoothie additive. If the drink is not sweet enough for you, simply use more ripe fruit – or add fruit tea as a liquid.

Smoothie tip 4: The order matters

  • Just put everything in the blender and press the button – that’s not how a perfect smoothie works. In the beginning, some fruit, vegetables, and liquid are mixed. Only then can you see whether there is enough liquid or whether you still need to top up.
  • You should only add superfoods just before consumption, otherwise, the smoothie can become quite thick. If you use flax or chia seeds, soak them first because of their water-soluble fiber.

Smoothie tip 5: Mix the smoothie “smooth”

  • “Smooth” means smooth, supple – and that’s how a smoothie should be. You should be able to drink the drink – and not have to chew it. So blend long enough until there are no more pieces of fruit or vegetables.
  • Of course, you also need a suitable device for this. You won’t get a real smoothie with a hand blender. A stand mixer is ideal. It doesn’t have to be a professional device. Even inexpensive models are perfectly adequate, especially for smoothie beginners.

Smoothie Tip 6: Snack or Meal?

  • If you mix a smoothie, you should consider whether you only drink it as a snack in between or replace a meal with it.
  • As healthy as smoothies are, they are not calorie-free. So if you drink a liter of rich smoothie a day and enjoy three meals, it will be reflected on the scales.
  • For the start of the day, the smoothie can be a bit richer. A smoothie with lots of vegetables, little fruit, and only water as a liquid dispenser is more suitable as a snack.

Smoothie tip 7: With superfoods for a super smoothie

  • If you are a smoothie purist, you probably swear by the classic made of fruit, vegetables, and water. There is nothing wrong with that. However, if you mix superfoods with it, your body gets an extra dose of health.
  • Vegans and vegetarians in particular should not do without the heart-strengthening effect of omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in flaxseed.
  • Cocoa, chia seeds, and ginger not only have health-promoting properties but also give a special taste.

Smoothie Tip 8: Super creamy with nut or soy milk

  • It doesn’t always have to be water or tea to make the smoothies liquid. With milk, the smoothies are even creamier.
  • Vegans and people with lactose intolerance do not have to do without it. In addition to cow’s milk, nut milk or soy milk are also ideal “softeners” for the smoothie.
  • To shy away from the extra calories, mix the nut or soy milk with a little water.

Smoothie tip 9: extra fresh with citrus fruits

  • Add a slice of lemon or orange to the smoothie. This brings an extra portion of vitamin C. This vitamin helps the body to better store iron found in fruit.
  • They not only increase the nutritional value. Citrus fruits also give the smoothie a particularly fresh taste.

Smoothie tip 10: Be creative

  • Smoothie recipes are especially helpful for beginners. But you don’t have to strictly adhere to it.
  • Keep trying new ingredients and combinations. Smoothies invite you to experiment.
  • This brings variety to everyday smoothie life and your body an optimal combination of different minerals, vitamins, and plant substances.

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