Order In The Fridge: That’s How It Works

Order in the fridge begins with sorting

In order to be able to rearrange your refrigerator carefully, it is advisable to first take everything out and put it aside.

  • So you can immediately sort out all the things that are also kept outside of the refrigerator. These include, for example, tomatoes, pineapples, onions, potatoes as well as honey and bread.
  • You can also look for expired food and get an overview. You can integrate things that should be eaten promptly into your meal plan.
  • Also, take the opportunity to clean your fridge, which should be done regularly once a month. For quick cleaning, you can easily use a damp cleaning cloth and a light detergent.

Set up the fridge again – this is how it works

After you have sorted the groceries from each other, you can continue with the sorting.

  • You can follow the classic fridge sorting, which is based on the different cooling levels inside the fridge.
  • So you can start with the door where eggs and butter should be stored at the top.
  • You can store sauces such as ketchup or mustard in the middle area of ​​the door and milk and other drinks in the lower area.
  • Now you can move on to the actual subjects. Start at the top and put already prepared food there.
  • The space in the middle compartment is suitable for milk products other than milk, such as yogurt.
  • In addition, fish, meat, and sausages go into the lower compartment.
  • Finally, you can also place salad and vegetables as well as certain types of fruit such as pears, cherries, or nectarines in the lower compartment or, if necessary, in your own fruit and vegetable compartments.

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