Parsnips For The Baby – You Should Pay Attention to This

That’s why parsnips are good for your baby

Your baby’s first mashed vegetables can be made from parsnips.

  • Along with mashed carrots or pumpkin, mashed parsnips are good for getting your baby used to porridge. Do not add any other ingredients such as potatoes or rapeseed oil to start with the supplementary food.
  • The advantage of mashed parsnips is that they taste slightly sweet. If your baby doesn’t like carrots, you can try parsnips again.
  • In addition, the parsnip pulp does not cause constipation. Carrot pulp, on the other hand, can trigger this.

Parsnips for the baby – that’s how it works

The complimentary food start works particularly well if you start slowly with the addition.

  • To start, just boil and puree parsnips to a pulp. When preparing, make sure to wash and peel the vegetables thoroughly beforehand.
  • Your baby does not need to eat more than three small spoons at the beginning. This way it can slowly get used to the new taste. Breast milk then serves as the main source of satiety.
  • For example, add the parsnip mash about a week before you can add the potatoes and canola oil. The oil then increasingly replaces the proteins in breast milk.
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