Seasonal Fruit May: Strawberries, Raspberries, Cherries

In May we are fast approaching the loveliest time of the year: the strawberry season. Later in May, raspberries and cherries will also find their way into our local fruit basket. You can find the right recipes here.

Strawberries – Finally strawberry time again

Some people look forward to the strawberry season like they look forward to Christmas. Understandable, because strawberries are very aromatic fruits. Despite their full sweetness, the little fruits are low in calories and very healthy. They contain more vitamin C than oranges and provide the body with iron, folic acid, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Strawberries are therefore a natural all-around carefree package of nutrients – especially for children. Whether pure, with sugar, whipped cream, in cakes, or as a sweet touch in savory dishes: strawberries always go well and actually taste good. Fresh strawberries from the local region still taste best!

Raspberries – Sweet seduction

Raspberries are a precious commodity. Because the fragile fruits have to be picked by hand. Tender raspberries are not only good in ice cream, quark dishes, or jam. The raspberry can also be seen and eaten in a crisp salad or as a garnish for hearty poultry dishes. You can use a hand blender to conjure up a delicious sauce from mushy fruit, for example for cakes or cool ice cream dishes. By the way: The raspberry gets its bright red color from natural pigments, the flavonoids. These not only ensure a chic look but also protect the human cardiovascular system and contribute to raspberries being healthy.

Cherries – Crunchy delicacy

The real cherry season usually begins at the end of May, because then the first specimens can be plucked from the trees. A rough distinction is made between the various types of cherries in sweet and sour cherries. Incidentally, the latter is only harvested after their sweet contemporaries. Sweet cherries are available in almost all color variants, from delicate yellow to red-black fruits, everything is included. As the name suggests, all varieties taste sweet. The sour cherries also include the famous morello cherries, also known as sour cherries. But whether sweet or sour; if you eat cherries, you are eating healthy and low in calories. By the way: cherries are not berries, but stone fruits.

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