Smoothie For Weight Loss: Myth or Does It Really Work?

Losing weight with smoothies – does not apply to every fruit drink

Lose weight in a delicious way – a dream that doesn’t come true with every smoothie. Consciously chosen, a smoothie can be one of the healthy snacks.

  • You can only lose weight with smoothies if you use them as a substitute for other foods. If you treat yourself to a smoothie after the meal – in a normal-sized portion – it’s more of a dessert. Although healthy – but additional calories eventually make themselves felt on the scales.
  • In general, fruit smoothies have a higher sugar content than green smoothies with a high percentage of vegetables. The fruit brings a lot of fructose with it.
  • If you want to lose weight with smoothies, you should focus more on vegetables instead of fruit – even if the fruit is more popular because it is sweet.
  • If you eat a lot of fructose, the liver converts it directly into fat – which is then usually clearly visible on the hips.
  • Homemade smoothies are healthier and have fewer calories than store-bought drinks. Mix it yourself, you know what’s in it.

Smoothies as fatteners

Smoothies from the supermarket are not suitable for losing weight.

  • Avoid chilled smoothies. The ready-made smoothies are extremely practical and a popular alternative to homemade drinks, especially when you’re on the go.
  • However, these products usually contain many more calories than is actually necessary. The reason for this is that they are usually made from fruit concentrates and fruit juice concentrates. The fructose content is therefore many times higher than that of a freshly prepared smoothie.
  • Because of the high fructose content, these industrially produced drinks do not fill you up either – the next little hunger will surely come soon.
  • The same applies here: fructose is not perceived by the brain as supplied energy. The liver quickly converts it into fat and stores it – for bad times.
  • In order to achieve a longer shelf life, the fruit juices contained in the ready-made smoothie are pasteurized. Large parts of vitamins B1, B5, C, D, E, and folic acid are lost in the process. This has no effect on your figure, but you cannot give your health an extra kick with it.
  • Industrially produced smoothies often consist largely of apples and bananas, comparatively cheap fruits that also add volume.
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Written by John Myers

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