Storing Serrano Ham: This Is How It Works

How to store Serrano ham correctly

If you buy a whole Serrano ham, it is usually vacuum-sealed in foil.

  • Once you’ve removed the foil, the ham needs to be stored properly.
  • One option is a ham holder. However, it is better to store the ham hanging.
  • Tip: Store Serrano ham hanging, place a bowl underneath, or place a cloth under the ham. Gravity pulls the fat down and allows it to drip out of the ham.
  • Cover the ham with a clean cotton cloth or put a clean cotton bag over it for the time of storage.
  • Tip: Before using the cotton cover, wash it several times without detergent and allow it to dry thoroughly.
  • To best store Serrano ham, choose a cool and dry place. Temperatures between 10 and 18 degrees are ideal.
  • Cut the ham, reserving the first bits of fat to cover the cut. The best way to cut a whole ham in the ham stand is with a well-sharpened ham knife.
  • Start near the ham’s knuckle and cut off the dark rind and outer layer of fat first. Then remove the yellowish fat in the area you want to cut open.
  • Be careful not to remove the white fat, as it is an important part of the ham’s flavor.

Save sliced Serrano ham

Serrano ham can be stored much better and longer in one piece than sliced.

  • Therefore, only cut off as much Serrano ham as you want to eat.
  • If you have any leftovers, keep the sliced ham in the fridge.
  • Cover it with foil so that there is as little air as possible between the ham and the foil.
  • Tip: Run your palm over the foil and squeeze out the air between the ham and the foil.
  • If you do not eat the sliced Serrano ham in a timely manner and you have a vacuum sealer, it is best to vacuum it.
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