How to Properly Dye Hair Henna at Home: 6 Secrets of Bright Color

Every woman wants her hair to look irresistible – you can use a natural dye for this purpose. Henna (laurel leaf powder) is just one of these – using it, you will not only color your locks but also make them healthier.

Henna for hair – the advantage of the method

Henna has long been a leader among dyes – even professional stylists use it, and you can dye not only hair but also eyebrows. Henna has several advantages over hair dyes:

  • naturalness – a safe composition that revitalizes the hair;
  • unusual shades – depending on the type of henna and additives, you can get a unique hair color;
  • therapeutic effect – henna helps to get rid of scalp flaking and dandruff;
  • protection from UV rays – the powder from the leaves of lawn onia protects the hair from the negative effects of the environment.

The only thing to know about this product is that it should not be used often. Once every two weeks is the best option because, with more frequent contact with the hair, henna will make them brittle and lifeless.

How to properly dye hair with Indian henna – instructions

For those who dye henna for the first time, this procedure seems incredibly difficult. In fact, it has nuances, but all of them are solvable, the main thing is to immediately prepare gloves, a brush to dye hair, a towel, and a comb to separate the strands.

Once you have prepared everything, it is important to think about how to dilute henna to successfully dye. First of all, focus on the length of your hair:

  • short hair – 100 g;
  • medium hair – 200 gr;
  • long hair – 400 grams.

Once you have measured the necessary amount, pour the henna into a nonmetallic container, pour water on it, and stir until it becomes a thick sour cream. Do not add boiling water under any circumstances, the water for the henna must not be hotter than 70 ° C.

Next, see how to dye curls henna and how long to keep henna on the hair:

  • Wash your hair (henna is applied only to clean hair);
  • Lightly dry curls naturally by blotting them with a towel;
  • Lubricate the forehead skin with a nourishing cream;
  • Apply henna to the curls with a hairbrush;
  • Put a special cap or a plastic bag on your head;
  • wrap a towel around and wait the required amount of time.

The waiting time depends on the desired result. If you want a saturated red color, then keep the henna on your hair for 50-60 minutes, for blondes 30 will be enough. To achieve a darker shade, you can leave the dye for two hours. Wash off the henna without shampoo, and then do not wash your hair for another three days. You can dry your hair with a hair dryer, but with cool air.

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