Sponge in the Washing Machine: What Effect is Guaranteed By This Tiphack

Wool and hair stuck to clothes – a problem faced by many, but to get rid of it there is a simple solution.

The washing machine is one of the most important “helpers” in the house, which saves time and effort for anyone.

However, if there are animals in the house, clothes have to be washed more often and more thoroughly to get rid of wool. And if you decide to find a device to collect wool in the washing machine, the experts have even come up with a tiphack to help the machine wash things from wool.

This tiphack is quite unusual and it is unlikely that any of us would have thought of it. The trick is simple – put a sponge in the washing machine drum. Yes, yes – an ordinary kitchen sponge for washing dishes in the washing machine.

A sponge in the washing machine will help get rid of wool stuck to clothes during the washing process. An ordinary kitchen sponge will do the job; you can also throw a silicone sponge in the washer.

Or you can use wash balls that collect wool, lint, and hair. They will collect the wool, and also prevent the formation of lint.

Such a tiphack can be used by everyone, not only by pet owners because by putting a dish sponge in the washing machine, you will definitely get rid of hair and lint adhered to the clothes. This method is especially effective when washing jeans and outerwear.

How to use a dish sponge in the washing machine

Before you start the machine, put a dish sponge in the drum, then set the desired mode. After washing, the sponges should be removed from the machine.

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Written by Emma Miller

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