Bought an Unripe Banana or Mango? In This Way, The Fruits Ripen Quickly

In supermarkets you can often buy green bananas or hard mangoes. Don’t worry, you can buy these fruits with peace of mind, because we show you a trick to quickly ripen the fruit at home.

Most people are aware that some fruit ripens faster than others. But we would prefer to wait until they are optimally ripe before we eat apples, bananas and the like. So what to do if the mango is still too hard or the banana is too green? Take advantage of the so-called ripening gases.

Use the ripening gases of the fruit varieties

Ethylene is the name of the ripening gas that fruits and vegetables develop during the ripening process. In the vernacular, this has long been known with the warning not to store apples next to bananas. In fact, bananas ripen very quickly when they are in the fruit bowl next to apples.

But sometimes it is precisely this after-ripening that is desired. For example, if you want to eat your unripe bananas, mangoes or other exotic fruits more quickly, it is best to lay them next to an apple.

According to the initiative “Too good for the bin!” According to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, there are a number of other foods that can trigger such an effect. In addition to apples, apricots, avocados, pears, peaches, plums and tomatoes also emit this gas and are therefore ideal neighbors for exotic fruits in the fruit bowl.

Which foods are more sensitive

But a little caution is required, as not all food ripens faster this way. Cabbage, lettuce, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, cucumbers and spinach can be particularly sensitive to ethylene.

If you overdid it a little when maturing, that’s no big deal. Conversely, even very ripe bananas can be used very well – for example in a delicious dessert or a face mask.

More tips on storing fruit and veg

Exotic fruits such as mangoes, bananas or citrus fruits do not belong in the fridge. Exceptions are figs and kiwis, which tolerate the cold.
To avoid bruising, it is best to store bananas hanging up. You can buy special banana hangers or holders for this, but string works just as well.
Tomatoes are often stored in the refrigerator, but this quickly loses their aroma. Other common mistakes: These 8 foods are often stored incorrectly.
As long as it is still cold outside, you can also store some types of fruit and vegetables, such as cabbage and grapes, on the balcony. Also read: Storing vegetables outside: What can I store on the balcony in winter?
Potatoes want to be stored in the dark, apples too, carrots in the fridge in a damp cloth. All three fruits have a long shelf life if stored correctly.

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