Fridge not Cooling Properly: You Can do That

If your refrigerator is not cooling properly, there can be a variety of reasons. This is usually due to the wrong installation location or the wrong temperature setting. In these cases, a solution can always be found.

Fridge not cooling – Wrong temperature setting

If the temperature of the refrigerator is set incorrectly, it may happen that food is not sufficiently cooled. Older devices in particular tend not to cool properly if the temperature is set too low.

  • If your device no longer cools properly due to technical errors, you should contact a technician or look for a new device. However, you should dispose of your old device properly.
  • As a rule, the first level is sufficient for most refrigerators to cool all food sufficiently. Every degree lower in internal temperature increases power consumption by six percent.
  • The following applies: If the butter can no longer be spread, it is too cold in the fridge.
  • However, if you notice that other foods are not sufficiently cool, you should turn up the setting.
  • For example, if you put deep-frozen food in the refrigerator to thaw it the day before, its coldness can cool the other food as well.

The fridge is positioned incorrectly

It is always a good idea to place your fridge in a shady spot. If the device is near the stove or dishwasher, it uses a lot more energy than usual and may no longer be able to cool properly.

  • Avoid places that get too much sun or are near warm devices.
  • Places that are too cold should also be avoided, as the refrigerator cannot work efficiently in this case either.
  • So make sure you get the right size when you buy it. A capacity of 140 liters is sufficient for one or two people, and around 60 more liters are required for each additional person.
  • But an iced-up freezer compartment can also mean that your refrigerator no longer cools properly. Because the more ice forms in the freezer, the more energy is needed to keep it cold. The remaining cold rooms of the refrigerator are therefore not always optimally cooled. Therefore, defrost your freezer compartment more often.
  • Sometimes, too full a fridge can also contribute to food not being properly chilled. Therefore, all food should always be stored correctly.

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