Greengage and Mirabelle Plums: an Overview of The Differences

This is the difference between Greengage and Mirabelle plums

They have one thing in common: greengage and mirabelle plums belong to the Prunus genus and are botanically plums. But the stone fruit differs from each other by small features.

  • The easiest way to tell Mirabelle plums and Greengage plums apart are by their external appearance.
  • Mirabelles are rather small and round with a diameter of up to three centimetres. Their peel is yellow to slightly reddish and they are also known as yellow plums.
  • Greengage are four to five centimeters in diameter larger than mirabelle plums. Their exterior is green with some yellow or red-green tints. Renekloden are also called noble plums.
  • The stone fruits also differ in terms of taste: while the mirabelle plums are strikingly sweet to slightly spicy, greengages impress with their juiciness and a slight acidity.
  • The flesh of the mirabelle plum is firm, that of the greengage rather soft.
  • Another difference is the stone. This is very easy to remove from the inside of the fruit in the case of mirabelle plums and difficult in the case of greengage.

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