Grilling in the Fire Bowl: The Best Ideas

Grilling in the fire bowl is an interesting alternative to the kettle or gas grill. The portable fire pits can be used in a variety of ways to provide warmth and delicious grilled food.

Grilling in the fire bowl: Use pots and pans

The big advantage of using a fire bowl is the dual functionality. While you provide pleasant warmth and a blazing fire with a fire bowl, you can use it for grilling at the same time. You could wrap the food to be grilled in aluminum foil or place it directly on the fire or the resulting embers. Whole dishes, on the other hand, can also be grilled in pans or pots.

  • Cast iron pans are ideal for the fire bowl. They are not damaged by the heat and have sturdy handles. But these should never be made of plastic.
  • So-called Dutch ovens are particularly effective. Designed for cooking food over an open fire, these large pots allow you to grill meat, vegetables, and more.
  • Woks, which should have metal handles, are also suitable. Asian grilling is no problem with these.
  • When using pans and pots, you can use panhandles or other utensils. This means that the pan does not lie directly in the fire or on the embers.

Grilling in the fire bowl made easy: grill grate

The use of a grill grate is obvious. Depending on the diameter of your fire bowl, you can order a suitable grill grate and simply attach it over the embers. The heat can now reach the grilled food without any problems. Two types are available:

  • 50/50 Method: Choose a cooking grate that only covers half of the fire bowl. Place the food to be grilled on the grate and most of the wood to be burned in the other half of the bowl. The embers generated are now swept under the grate and grilled the food.
  • Tripod: The classic tripod is ideal for fire bowls. The grate hangs directly above the flame and can be precisely adjusted in terms of height. Even Dutch ovens can be hung on the tripod.

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