How to Wash Different Types of Stains: a Useful Memo

Removing stains from clothing, especially dried ones, is not easy, but doable. The washing machine is an extremely useful thing, but, unfortunately, it is not all-powerful. Some types of stains are not removed by the machine or chemical stain removers. The most “terrible” stains hopelessly spoil the thing, but some types of dirt can be removed by home remedies.

How to wash a pen

Household soap, alcohol, and dishwashing detergent will help to wash ink stains, but the pollution must be fresh.

How to wash the blood

If your clothes are stained with blood, on no account wash them in hot water. This way the stain will only harden into the fabric. Soak the clothes in cold water for an hour and then hand wash them. If that doesn’t work, apply ammonia alcohol to the stain and let it sit for 15 minutes.

A small stain can be removed with an ice cube. Soak a light and white cloth in hydrogen peroxide and leave it for 15 minutes. Old dried blood can be washed off with laundry soap.

How to wash coffee

Coffee-damaged clothes should be soaked in hot water as soon as possible. Ideally, a jet of boiling water should be poured over the coffee stain, but this is only suitable for cotton and linen fabrics. The remains of the coffee should be poured with a solution of baking soda: 1 teaspoon per liter of water. Glycerin perfectly removes such stains.

How to remove sweat stains

A fresh stain can be removed with lemon juice. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon on each stain and leave it for 10-20 minutes. Then wash in cold water. Old sweat stains can be removed with a mixture of vinegar and hot water. Another inexpensive remedy is a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, 3 spoons of hydrogen peroxide, and 2 spoons of baking soda. Apply for 15 minutes.

How to get grease stains out

Grease doesn’t always work on fabrics, but it’s worth a try. A fresh grease stain can be removed as follows: put 3 paper towels on both sides of the stain and iron the place with a hot iron. Try to remove old grease with a mixture of alcohol (100 grams) and gasoline (1 teaspoon).

How to wash grass

Knees of pants in the grass – the headache of the parents of an active child. There are several ways to get the green stain out.

  • Dissolve 1 tablespoon of salt in a glass of water. Soak the dirty area with the salt solution for 40 minutes.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia with a glass of water. Soak the stain and scrub with a sponge.
    Liberally soap the stain with laundry soap and leave for 15 minutes.
  • Soak the stain in 9% vinegar and leave for an hour. Then wash in the machine. Suitable for old stains.

How to Wash Berry Stains

Berry and fruit stains work great in hot water at 70° or more. The dirt will disappear right in front of your eyes. But this method is not suitable for delicate and synthetic fabrics. A fresh stain can be covered with salt for 5 minutes. A cotton pad soaked in vinegar will help remove old stains.

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