Remove Shoe Polish: How to Get Rid of Stains

Remove fresh shoe polish from textiles

The sooner you start cleaning, the better. It is difficult to get rid of dried stains. Textiles such as silk or wool should always be placed in the professional hands of a dry cleaner.

  • First, carefully remove larger shoe polish residues with a cloth or scrape them off with a knife. Be careful not to rub the cream further into the fibers.
  • Color-fast garments made of cotton or synthetic fibers can then be treated with turpentine, spirit, or alcohol.
  • Apply the liquid generously to the stain so that it is well soaked. Take a clean cloth and rub out the stain.
  • Rinse the garment thoroughly with clear water and then put it in the washing machine.
  • You can also use toothpaste for smaller stains.
  • Apply the cream to the stain and rub the paste into the material, preferably with a small brush.
  • Wash the piece thoroughly again and then put it in the washing machine as usual.

Remove dried shoe polish from textiles

Dried shoe polish is more difficult to remove. However, you can succeed with the following methods.

  • Put Vaseline on the stain and let it soak in.
  • Then wash the garment thoroughly with water.
  • If there is a grease stain, you can easily remove it with gall soap.
  • Then put the piece in the washing machine.
  • If you have non-sensitive, color-fast clothing, you can put some brush cleaner on the stain.
  • Here, too, it is important to wash the garment thoroughly after treatment.
  • If this did not help, it is best to take your garment to the dry cleaner.

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