Krups EA 8108: Clean the Brewing Group – That’s How It Works

Krups EA 8108 – how to clean the brew group

To clean this component, you must start the cleaning program of the machine.

  • Cleaning is necessary at the latest when the “CLEAN” indicator lights up. To start the cleaning program, press the button with the spray mist symbol.
  • The “CLEAN” indicator and the leftmost light should now be flashing.
  • Take out the cleaning slider and clean it. You can find this slide on the left side of the coffee machine and recognize it by a red lever. Reinsert the clean cleaning slider.
  • You also have to empty, clean, and replace the coffee grounds container of your Krups. After that, the LED display on the left side should stop flashing. Now fill the water tank and place a container under the coffee spout. The container should hold at least 0.6 liters of liquid.
  • Next, put a Krups cleaning pastille in the cleaning slot provided. This can be found under the maintenance flap directly in front of the coffee bean container.
  • Press the spray icon button to start the cleaning process. During cleaning, the “CLEAN” indicator lights steadily. After about ten minutes, the “CLEAN” indicator flashes again. Then empty the container under the coffee spout and put it back under it.
  • After cleaning, start the rinsing cycle by pressing the button with the spray icon again. The “CLEAN” indicator should now also be lit continuously.
  • After about three minutes, the display flashes again.
  • Empty the container under the coffee spout again and fill the water tank. Now you can use your Krups EA 8108 to prepare coffee as usual.
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