Clean the Brew Group – That’s How It Works

Clean the brewing group: possible with many models

In cheaper fully automatic coffee machines, the brewing group is often permanently installed and cannot be removed. Here you are completely dependent on the cleaning program of the machine. The brew group is then often cleaned with the usual cleaning program.

  • More expensive models usually offer the possibility to expand the brewing group. This allows you to clean the component much more intensively.
  • Bacteria particularly like to settle here and can multiply quickly if they are not used for a long time.


Fully automatic coffee machine: Remove the brewing group

  • The brew group is often a quite complex component. Depending on the coffee machine, there are differences in the assembly and installation of the brewing group. This is where the manual can help you. Complete disassembly is usually not necessary and not recommended for laypersons.
  • If in doubt, refer to the manual on how to properly remove the brew group. You should also consider individual cleaning tips. If you cannot find the operating instructions, a Google search will help you. Many manufacturers also provide manuals on their websites.


Clean the brew group properly – that’s how it works

  • The brew groups from the various manufacturers are usually not dishwasher-safe. Once you have removed the component, you can rinse it thoroughly with hot water.
  • Since cleaning agents are often not recommended, you should rinse the brew group with water that is as hot as possible. In addition, many manufacturers recommend regularly treating the seals with the recommended grease.

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