Descale the Tassimo Coffee Machine – This Is How It Works

Descaling the Tassimo coffee machine: A guide

If you clean and descale your Tassimo coffee machine regularly, the good taste of the coffee will be preserved and the service life of the device will be extended. The following instructions refer to a Tassimo coffee machine with an automatic descaling program. You can either buy decalcifiers from specialist retailers or make them yourself from vinegar and water.

  1. First remove the water tank on the back of your Tassimo device.
  2. Now pull the yellow service disk out of the back of the coffee maker and insert it into the brewing system with the barcode facing down. You can then close the clip fastener again.
  3. Now prepare the descaling solution for cleaning: Take into account the manufacturer’s information and fill 500 milliliters of the descaling agent into the tank. In addition to various commercially available descaling agents, household remedies such as braces cleaner, citric acid or baking powder are also suitable. Attention: Do not use vinegar or other solutions based on this to descale your device. If the water is hard, you should also increase the dosage of your descaling agent and descale your coffee machine more often.
  4. Reinstall the water tank with the descaling solution in your machine. Then lift out the cup pedestal on the front of your device and place a container with a capacity of at least 500 milliliters under the beverage outlet.
  5. Now activate the automatic descaling program by pressing the start/stop button for at least 3 seconds. The descaling process runs automatically and the options on the front “Descale” and “Automatic” light up.
  6. The descaler is pumped through your Tassimo coffee machine into the collection vessel in several phases. The descaling program lasts around 20 minutes and must not be interrupted. It runs until the water tank with the cleaning solution is almost empty. Don’t worry: some residual water will remain in the tank. If your Tassimo has been descaled, you can tell by the illuminated standby option.
  7. Empty the container with a descaler and then place it again under the beverage outlet.
  8. Then rinse the water tank of your device thoroughly and fill it with clean water up to the “MAX” mark. Put it back into your device.
  9. Open and close the clip lock of the brewing unit again. Leave the service disk in the brewing unit and press the start/stop button. The process rinses your device with fresh water. Repeat this four times before removing the disc and storing it in the back.
  10. Your Tassimo coffee machine is now descaled and ready for use again.

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