Leftover Use – Plum Liqueur

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Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Course Dinner
Cuisine European
Servings 1 people


Leftover use - plum liqueur

  • 90 g Plum kernels
  • 0,5 pole Vanilla pod
  • 0,5 pole Cinnamon
  • 1 Star anise
  • 150 g Rock candy, brown
  • 150 g Rock candy, white
  • 500 g Plums
  • 1 bottle Vodka


Preparation for the glass

  • Take the plums out of the basket and weigh them. Then wash, drain and cut in half. Remove the seeds together with the pulp and then place them separately in a bowl. Then put aside. Take a large sterile jar with a screw cap.

Layering & preparation in the glass

  • First, put the plum stones with the pulp in the glass. Then the remaining ingredients follow one after the other, such as: Slice the vanilla pod (cut in half as a whole) and put the pulp and the pod inside. Also add the halved cinnamon stick and star anise.
  • Then put the brown rock candy in first and then the white one. On top of the halved plums and at the end the whole thing is infused with the vodka. Cap and put in a cool, dark place. For me it's the cellar.

Pull & let mature

  • Let the whole thing go through for about 12 weeks. Shake once a day every one to two weeks in between. The long steeping gives the plum liqueur a mild taste. After this time the whole thing is filtered.
  • Do this several times until the plum liqueur is clear. Then transfer to one or more bottles and let it mature for another 14 days. * P.S. All pictures are not there yet, they are provided one after the other to see what the whole thing looks like.
  • TIP 6: Do not throw away the plum fruit after filtering, as it can still be used. Put this in a medium glass with some liquid from the liqueur and put it in the refrigerator. For the winter you can give it for a punch or mulled wine. Also tastes delicious as a side dish with other fruits for a dessert.
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Written by Ashley Wright

I am a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian. Shortly after taking and passing the licensure examination for Nutritionist-Dietitians, I pursued a Diploma in Culinary Arts, so I am also a certified chef. I decided to supplement my license with a study in the culinary arts because I believe that it will help me harness the best of my knowledge with real-world applications that can help people. These two passions form part and parcel of my professional life, and I am excited to work with any project that involves food, nutrition, fitness, and health.

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