Tassimo: Red Light iIs On – You Can Do That

When the red lamp lights up on he Tassimo

To ensure that your coffee machine prepares the daily coffee for as long as possible, the device needs care. Over time, limescale builds up inside the Tassimo machine, which can clog the lines.

  • Especially with very hard water, this process progresses relatively quickly.
  • To prevent this, the Tassimo machine automatically reminds you to descale the device.
  • If the red lamp lights up, you should start descaling in the next few days.
  • If you would like to drink another cup of coffee, it is better to prepare it beforehand. The process takes at least 30 minutes.

Descale Tassimo yourself

Tassimo recommends descaling tablets for descaling.

  • Of course, you will be advised to buy Bosch branded goods. Since there are no qualitative differences here, you can also access it in any supermarket, in a drugstore, or on Amazon for a few euros.
  • In the following practical tip, you will find instructions on how to descale your Tassimo machine. Depending on the model, however, the process is a little different.
  • If you get stuck, look in the user manual. You can also find these on the Tassimo website.

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