How to Wash Sneakers in the Machine and By Hand: Rules and Secrets

Not all sneakers can be washed in the machine – it is acceptable only if the shoe has a fabric upper. Leather or suede models are strictly forbidden to clean in the washing machine, the same applies to membrane models.

How to wash sneakers in the machine – instructions

There are general rules for washing sneakers in a machine-automatic or semi-automatic. First, you need to clean the shoes of clumps of dirt, stones, and leaves that can get stuck in the elements of sneakers. Next, use gel instead of regular powder, as it creates more foam and doesn’t leave streaks on the fabric. If your washer doesn’t have a shoe mode, then put on delicate or standard modes.

How to wash sneakers in the machine without a bag – recommendations

Ideally, of course, it is better to use a special bag – it will protect shoes from possible damage from the intense rotation of the drum of the CMM. If there is no bag, remember the sequence of actions:

  • take the laces and insoles out of the shoes;
  • put the sneakers in the drum;
  • pour the detergent;
  • set the temperature to 30-40°C and the minimum number of rotations;
  • turn on the machine.

After the machine finishes washing, you need to gently squeeze the sneakers by hand and place them over a container, where the excess water will drain off. Then go over a dry rag and dry with a shoe dryer. If there is no such thing, you can dry your sneakers on the balcony, the main thing – in no case put them close to any heaters.

How to wash sneakers by hand – rules

For those who do not want to or can not wash shoes in the machine. The technology is simple:

  • take the laces and insoles out of the shoes;
  • Wash the sole (you can use a toothbrush);
  • In a separate container prepare a solution (water + a few drops of detergent);
  • Immerse the shoes in water and leave for half an hour;
  • If the water is dirty, prepare a new solution and put the sneakers in it again;
  • take a sponge and wash all the elements of the shoe;
  • Rinse the sneakers in clean water;
  • take out the shoes, wipe them with a dry cloth, and leave them to dry.

Hands are also convenient to wash suede sneakers and mesh sneakers – take a special brush for locks or toothbrush, and remove all surface dirt. Prepare a soapy solution and wipe your sneakers with the brush, then wipe them with a cotton rag.

Leather sneakers can only be washed by hand – this is a great method because the dirt from the leather is very easy to remove. You need to soak a sponge in a soapy solution, wipe your sneakers, and then wipe them with a clean, damp rag. In the end, go over it again with a dry rag.

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